Todd Margolis of Qlik has posted an insightful blog on how Immersive Analytics (IA) can enhance collaborative decision-making, which is a key theme for virtual data worlds. He provides five sketches of working prototypes for:

  • 3D Globe Qlik Sense Extension for Google Cardboard, showing spherical projections with WebGL
  • VR portal of the Qlik Partner ecosystem for Oculus Rift using Unity3D and Node.js
  • Factory simulation for the Rift to analyze and control streaming data using Qlik Sense, Unity and Node.js
  • Emergency medical application for the Microsoft Hololens providing EMTs with analytics in the field through a 3D Sankey viz generated in Unity3D by Qlik Sense and Node.js
  • Insight Room software to show Qlik visualizations across large displays using SAGE2

This is an incredibly impressive set of prototypes that demonstrate IA potential for collaborative decision-making. Note that Todd has mixed: Cardboards, Rifts, CAVEs and Hololenses with Unity3D, WebGL, Node.js and SAGE2 for 5 different use cases all driven by the Qlik Analytics Platform. IMPRESSIVE!!!

Take time to work through this blog by visiting the details in each prototype. Also, note that Todd has posted public repositories at the IA GitHub. Fork, and fire up your VR/AR devices! Help Todd mature these prototypes into useful applications.

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