Several of us have been thinking about (and fermenting over) these ideas for a decade. It has been frustrating because there are many interesting pieces that have resisted converging into a whole. Launching the IA community is our way of forcing this convergence, but only with your help.


As a start-up organization, we have formed a team of editors to manage this website and its content. Currently there are only two hardy (foolhardy?) souls, as listed below. However, we have issued a call (see Lead in Contribute) for like-minded professionals to join us.

  • Richard HackathornRichardHackathorn, Bolder Technology: An old timer who survived many tech waves and is eager to surf yet another one.
  • Todd MargolisToddMargolis, Qlik: A true data artist who is also a good js programmer. Was doing VR when people could not spell it.