Problems are overwhelming amid the complexity of our global economy. Data is abundant with big data from social media and Internet of sensors. And, technology is plentiful with massively parallel processing, analytical tools, and now virtual reality. The challenge is the proper application of that data and technology to those problems.

We are an open professional community that will seriously explore these ideas. Think of some combination of the scikit-learn community as a hands-dirty technology resource with the Data Science Central community in terms of quality and focus.

The purpose of this open community and its website is to rally innovators to explore the potential of virtual data worlds. For a decade, we have been thinking and discussing various aspects of immersive analytics. It is now time to build! To advance as a professional community, we need to…

  • build, build, build
  • document & share
  • critique & reassess
  • …and then repeat

This website will be a How-To resource that enables you to build virtual data worlds with your data and to apply analytics to understand the behavior of your complex system. We will provide the prerequisite tools and libraries, suggest design steps, and establish evaluation criteria. We will maintain a gallery of examples for downloading and tailoring to build your custom data world.

The success of this open community will depend entirely on sharing, contributing and synthesizing ideas. The intent is to stimulate advances in both commercial and academic settings, in both large and small organizations. Hence, we have a policy of openness, with Creative Commons (with Attribution) on discussions and MIT/BSD/Apache license on software.