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Todd Margolis and I leave this Saturday for Anaheim to present at the Teradata Partners Conference (Sunday Oct 18 at 2:00-2:45pm in 207A/B #3452). The topic is Immersive Analytics: Collaborative Analytics using Virtual Reality with the abstract:

Immersive Analytics is an approach to collaborative analytics that integrates analytical methodologies within a persistent virtual world. The challenge is to design 3D information metaphors supporting key aspects of typical business processes. This talk demonstrates live examples of these metaphors like Sankey, chord, and sigma visualizations, all of which are generated by a popular BI tool (Qlik Sense) with path analysis by Teradata Aster. These initial results present the foundation for a long-term initiative to radically rethink the collaborative possibilities throughout the entire information value chain.

If you are attending, join us! Also, Todd (and sometimes I) will be in the Qlik booth during exhibit hours, discussing and demonstrating IA examples.

Update – post event

All went well. Arrived to setup two hours before. Todd had two laptops, Oculus Rift, Cardboard for 3D viewer using his cell, Chromecast to show cell on big screen, and a few mysterious devices. The A/V crew eagerly assisted, ripping out all their carefully configured equipment. Just as we needed to start, everything worked! Went smooth with all demos/video working. We finished with 5 minutes for Q&A. Amazing!

For the next three days, Todd staffed the Qlik exhibit booth allowing people to experience IA. Next year, we have much bigger plans dreams…

Todd setting up all the A/V pieces

Todd presenting after Richard gave overview

Todd's 3D glyphs from Atlas Project

Richard fighting the glyphs in-world

Todd showing Qlik working inside virBELA

Todd demonstrating IA at Qlik booth

Todd with a thoroughly immersed friend