It has been two weeks since First Light on Wednesday, Oct 14 at 7:00am MT. The Google crawler appeared 63 minutes later and completed a full site scan in 18 minutes, all quietly. We have thus planted a stake in cyber-ground, but CNN has not yet scheduled an interview with us. The stats are: 30-40 visitors per week, 3 views per visit, Home page is most popular, 17 members of the IA LinkedIn group, 8 followers of the IA twitter, and 0 data worlds shared.

The Teradata Partners presentation went well. Four other blogs are posted about: two cats having an immersive experience, VR for data visualization, initial discussion on collaboration within data worlds, and the Denver Botanic Gardens as a metaphor for data worlds. Over the coming weeks, there is a queue of about 12 more blogs on various issues. Starting to compile a Resource page and to explore forum and wiki plugins.

That’s the news from Lake Immersive, where all the coders are strong, all the graphs are good-looking, and all the numbers are above average.