The National Institute of Informatics of Japan is hosting the NII Shonan Meeting Immersive Analytics: A New Multidisciplinary Initiative to Explore Future Interaction Technologies for Data Analytics on February 15-18, 2016 at Shonan Village Center in Japan. Organizers are: Takayuki Itoh of Ochanomizu University, Kim Marriott of Monash University, Falk Schreiber of Monash University, and Uwe Wössner of University of Stuttgart. Attendance is by invitation only to researchers in IA.NII Shonan Meeting Focus

The meeting “explores how new display and interaction technologies can be used to create more engaging experiences and seamless workflows for data analysis applications.” There is an intriguing list of research questions along with an ambitious list of a goals.

The aim is “to promote informatics research at the international level by providing another world premier venue for both world-class scientists and promising young researchers and practitioners to exchange their knowledge, discuss their research findings, and explore cutting-edge topics in informatics.”

The meeting follows the unique style of the Dagstuhl Seminars, which has no preparation or fixed agenda. “On the first day of the seminar, each participant would be asked for five-minutes talk on current research, and the organizer will make a seminar program based on their talks. Topics and programs may evolve from the discussions at the meeting, and the participants are encouraged to present new ideas or their work in progress.”

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