AnalyzeBoulderNote20151104Brief announcement was given about forming a local IA working group at Analyze Boulder meetup on November 4. The intent is to find Boulder-ites with the interest and skills to build data worlds with THREE.js and Unity3D. See what happens…

One new blog this week: IA Research – Meeting on Interaction Technologies for Data Analytics, which is an academic workshop in Japan on February 15-18, 2016. Note the list of research questions and goals, along with the unique discussion format.

The weekly stats are:

  • Website views for weeks of Oct 12, Oct 19, Oct 26 are: 125, 63, 116
  • LinkedIn group has 17 members, which is unchanged from last week
  • Twitter follows are: 11, which is an increase of 3.
  • Zero data worlds have been documented/shared, so far!

That’s the news from Lake Immersive, where all the coders are strong, all the graphs are good-looking, and all the numbers are above average.