Three new blogs during Weeks 4 and 5:

  • Wanted: Visually Impaired Data Scientist – Job ad spoof to make the point that interactive data visualization needs more sonification. Brief review of research. Could we mature this technology to have data vis tools without a visual component?
  • Beginning of Interactive 3D Data Visualization – John Tukey, the pioneer of exploratory statistics, is shown in action using an early vis tools to find patterns in 9-dimensional dataset. This is a classic!

  • Workshop by Edward Tufte –  He is the elder statesman of data viz, where paper, typography and cartography take honored places within his instruction. His style is a potpourri of perceptive design principles interwoven with examples across disciplines and centuries.

The stats for Weeks 4 & 5 are:

  • Website views for weeks of Nov 2 & Nov 9 are: 73 & 39
  • Blogs published are 13, up by 3 from Week 3
  • LinkedIn group has 16 members, which is down by one.
  • Twitter follows are: 11, which is the no change.
  • Zero data worlds have been documented/shared, so far!

That’s the news from Lake Immersive, where all the coders are strong, all the graphs are good-looking, and all the numbers are above average.