Mary Lou JepsenIn WSJ Tech section, I caught the article about Mary Lou Jepsen leaving Facebook Oculus VR division as the head of display technology to pursue medical technology that will cure diseases with new imaging technology. Either there was a big blow-up with her boss, or she has a very unique passion and ability. After some researching, I predict that it is the latter.

Her Wikipedia entry and LinkedIn profile said it all. She is an AMAZING individual. The pieces came together when I watched a We-Solve-For-X video (11:36) on Imaging The Mind’s Eye in February 2012. I highly recommend watching this video, even though it is four years old. Think about the imaging advances that could have happened in these four years.

Using current fMRI scanning plus big analytics, it is possible to determine what images are rendered on the retina and even what images are ‘remembered’ within the brain. This presents the possibility of a high-speed channel directly out of (and maybe into) the brain. Scif-fi movies (like the Matrix) have tease us for years about this possibility, This is mind-blowing! As Jepsen remarks, “It changes the fundamentals of so many disciplines”, along with an explosion of ethical issues. So, Jepsen is off doing something that may realize this possibility. At least, that’s my prediction.

The Take-Away is: Put the name Mary Lou Jepsen on your IA radar. Her efforts could be a huge game-changer for the IA community. If so, fasten your seat belts!